Wet Weather Weddings

What a gorgeous photo of a stunning bridal party. Who knew umbrellas could look so good?! Photo credit – Paul Winzar Photography – http://www.paulwinzar.com/

Winter is coming.

And with it is the wet and woolly weather. But for those of you having a winter wedding, tracking the BOM website daily trying to predict whether it might rain on your special day… stop. Close the webs browser and take a deep breath.

Because rain on your wedding day is okay. Seriously. In fact, it can be amazing! Take it from someone who’s wedding (which was in October by the way) rained all day (except for one or two hours when we had our photos) and when I say rain, it rained heavy.

Let me tell you why rain on your wedding day is okay.

Firstly, in some cultures, rain on your wedding day is good luck. It’s said to be cleansing, like washing away the old and starting fresh with the new. Some also believe it symbolises fertility. Also, with rain comes a rainbow – and what better way to celebrate your marriage then with a beautiful, free backdrop! Don’t forget to search for the pot of gold at the end, it could help cover the costs of the big day.

One story I love to tell about my wedding day is the fact it rained all day.  I remember sitting in the kitchen and looking out the window while my gorgeous make-up artist worked her magic, and watched as the rain fell so hard it was raining sideways.  Or when we were getting our photos taken and the photographer who was tracking the BOM rain radar yelled ‘the rain is on the way!’ and so we had to hot foot it to the limo, and just as we sat down, it started to pour with rain outside. We literally just made it!

Rain on a wedding day makes for a great story afterwards that you’ll never forget.

The final and probably most important reason to welcome rain on your wedding day is…. And no, it’s not you’re still marrying the love of your life, you should be happy with that (true, but not where I was going with this)….   It’s that your photos will look amazing. You will look amazing. No sweaty hair or makeup. No midday shine on your forehead. No squinting looking at the camera. The overcast cloudy conditions that come with rain, help dull the light and make for some amazing photos. If it rains during your photoshoot, bring some cute umbrellas and have some fun!

At the end of the day, if it is going to rain, you can’t control it (unfortunately – I tried) so just embrace the weather and know that your special day is going to be just as beautiful and wonderful as you hoped and planned.

Can you believe this was taken on a rainy day?!

Now you have come to terms with the fact it might rain on your wedding day you can prepare for it! Here are some helpful hints to get ready for a possible shower or two…

  1. Umbrellas – make sure you have them. At least for your bridal party and parents. Guests can BYO.
  2. Gum boots/sneakers/comfy shoes. You may have spent lots of money on the perfect pair of Jimmy Choos, but at the end of the day if you are walking around in the rain and mud, you want to be comfortable, right?
  3. Have a marquee or wet weather alternative for your ceremony. Just in case umbrellas won’t do the trick. If your venue doesn’t have a wet weather alternative – think about what else you could do.
  4. Consider your hair style – heavy rain and wind can cause havoc for your hair. Having an up do as a backup might be an idea if the weather is looking a little crazy. And bring hairspray to the photo shoot!
  5. White garbage bags are a necessity. Pop them on the ground when you’re taking photos if the ground is wet, muddy or dirty. You’re dress will stay nice and clean and no-one will be able to tell. You’re welcome!

Did it rain on your day? I’d love to hear how you dealt with it on our Facebook page!