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Top Wedding Movies

It’s the night before your wedding and your bridesmaids are over for one last slumber party. Yummy snacks are prepared, bubbly is on ice, face masks are on, emergency kit bags ready to go and nails are freshly painted. What better way to wind down the night than watch some of the greatest wedding movies!

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite wedding themed films for your viewing pleasure, to enjoy the night before your special day:

My Best Friend’s Wedding / Runaway Bride

The titles may seem a little sketchy (why would you watch Runaway Bride the night before you get married?!) but stick with it, both films have great endings. We couldn’t decide between the two Julia Roberts blockbusters so, por sue no los dos? Enjoy Julia (and her crazy curly hair), handsome lead male actors and a great blend of romance/drama/comedy.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 

Having a large wedding? Or were you team Aidan during the Sex and the City era? Then this film is a must. MBFGW is a hilarious film that I know my family can relate to! A funny and beautiful film it has just about all the entertainment you’ll need – including Windex.

Father of the Bride

I loved watching the film growing up – it’s where my appreciation for anything Steve Martin and Diane Keaton began (don’t judge!). If anything, this film will serve as a great reminder to make sure you save a dance for your dad at the wedding!

Bride Wars

This film is not for the anxious bride – I mean, the scene with the blue hair?! Dying. But a hilarious movie about best friends – turned – rival brides. And of course, who doesn’t love Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson?!

27 Dresses

A great rom-com that will double as a timely reminder of the duties your bridesmaids will have to remember the following day. Tip – when attempting to go to the bathroom in your wedding dress, straddle the toilet and have your girls hitch your dress from the back. You’ll thank me later!


And last but certainly not least…. probably one of the best wedding related films produced in the last ten years! Bridesmaids is a hilarious film to watch the night before your big day. With its all star cast, the oscar nominated film will have you laughing til you cry!

Now all you have to do, is pick a film, sit back and relax…

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