Top Wedding Movies

It’s the night before your big day. You gather your bridesmaids for one final slumber party and are working through final preparations – yummy snacks are prepared, bubbly on ice, emergency kits ready to go, face masks are on and nails freshly painted.

What better way to finish off the night by watching some of the best wedding movies ever made.  We’ve compiled a list of our favourite wedding themed films for you to enjoy the night before your special day.

My Best Friend’s Wedding / Runaway Bride

We couldn’t quite decide which of these Julia Roberts flicks made the cut, then we thought “por que no los dos” Both of these films include a spunky lead male, Julia Roberts and her crazy gorgeous hair, and a nice blend of comedy, drama and romance.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Big Family? Were you Team Aidan back in the Sex and The City days? Then you can’t go past My Big Fat Greek Wedding! Starring John Corbett (Aidan) and Nia Vardalos, this film has everything – food, laughs, cry’s and windex.

Father of the Bride

You can’t go passed this classic film that will leave you with tears in your eyes and a reminder not to forget to have a dance with your dad!

27 Dresses

A film that will not only entertain, but remind your bridesmaids of their wedding day duties (tip – when you need to pee, it’s much easy to straddle the toilet and your gals hold your dress from the back!)

Bride Wars

This film is only a good idea if you are a relatively stress-free bride. Do not attempt if anxious in any way (the blue hair scene…. dying!) A hilarious film with a great cast.


And last but certainly not least, who could forget the brilliant film that is Bridesmaids. This film will crack you up from start to finish. This Oscar nominated film has to be one of the best wedding related films ever made!

What films would you recommend the night before the wedding? Share below!

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